The project is now officially over! However feel free to use all the contents in this website and to contact us if you have any inquiries.

Energy4Farms is a platform to help dairy and pig farmers discover the benefits of biogas production on farms. Energy4farms will show you:

  • How to turn your farm manure into hard cash!
  • How to use manure to produce energy on your farm, for your farm!
  • How to reduce manure treatment costs and increase income by selling additional energy produced.
  • How to determine if biogas is right for you, based on your regional, technical and economical situation.
  • How to calculate the potential biogas production for your individual farm using the Energy4Farms biogas calculator.
  • How to take the next steps to install a biogas plant on your farm.
  • Some of the best case studies and examples of biogas plans in Europe, to help you to make an informed decision.
  • Other farmers opinions on biogas production and other issues via the Energy4farms forums.