Thunder Bay Generating Station

The Thunder Bay Generating Station (“Thunder Bay GS”) is a biomass- powered power station owned by Ontario Power Generation (“OPG”). It is located on Mission Island in Thunder Bay , on the shore of Lake Superior . [1]

Operating since 1963, Thunder Bay GS was the last coal fired station in Ontario. The plant was shut down in April 2014 as part of Ontario’s phase out of coal-fired electricity generation. [2] [3] It was converted to run on advanced biomass (wood pellets) and recommissioned on February 9, 2015. [4]

Atikokan Generating Station

Atikokan Generating Station is a biomass power plant owned by OPG (OPG) Located 8 km (5 mi) north of Atikokan , Ontario (190 km (118 mi) west of Thunder Bay ). The plant employs 90 people. The Atikokan Generating Station Began operation as a coal-fired station in 1985 and underwent an overhaul in the autumn of 2003.

Until 2012, it had one coal fueled generation unit with low sulfur oxide (NOx) burners, providing a peak output of 230 MW fired by low sulfur lignite coal from Western Canada . In late 2012, the facility is powered down and underwent renovations, by the Ontario government’s initiative to eliminate all coal-fired electricity generation. [1] It is the first generating station to be converted by OPG to be fueled by biomass, [2] and is North America’s largest purely biomass-fueled power plant. [3] The conversion came at a cost of C $ 200 million, and the plant was re-opened on September 10, 2014. [3][4] [5]

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