Studstrup Power Station

The Studstrup Power Station ( Danish : Studstrupværket ) is an oil and coal- fired thermal plant at Studstrup , Denmark . It is operated by DONG Energy . It has an electrical generation capacity of 700 MW and went into service in 1968. The chimney of the power plant is 189.89 meters (623.0 ft) tall. The plant can partially co-fire biomass in the form of straw. Waste heat from the plant is directed through pipes into Aarhus and used for district heating .

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Fyn Power Station

The Fyn Power Station ( Danish : Fynsværket ) is a coal, straw and municipal waste-station operated by Vattenfall in Odense , Denmark . It has eight units, three of qui Were operating as of 2010 : Unit 3, Unit 7 and Unit 8 Unit 3: has a power of 235 MW (coal), unit 7 of 362 MW (coal), unit 8 of 35 MW biomass), and Odense CHP plant 24 MW. Unit 7 has a 235 meter (771 ft) tall chimney, which is the second-tallest in Denmark, unit 3 at 141 meters (463 ft) tall chimney.

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Avedøre Power Station

The Avedøre Power Station ( Danish : Avedøreværket ) is a combined heat and power station, located On in Avedøre , Denmark , just south of Copenhagen , and is owned by Ørsted A / S. Avedøre Power Plant is one of the most efficient of its kind, being able to utilize as much as 94% of the energy in the fuel and convert 49% of the fuel energy into electricity. [1] Apart from using coal , petroleum and natural gas , the plant runs on a wide variety of biomass fuelsstraw and wood pellets . 

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