The Hemp Trading Company

THTC ( The Hemp Trading Company ) is an ethically driven underground clothing label, specializing in environmentally friendly , politically conscious, made of hemp , bamboo , organic cotton and other sustainable fabrics. It was founded by brothers Drew (Dru) and Gav Lawson and Dan Sodegren in 1999.


The Hemp Trading Company had its origins in Hempology, a “hemp awareness group” at University of Hull . Offshoots of the group appeared on other campuses, helping consolidate the brand’s clubbing and music image. [2] In 1999, the founders, brothers Dru and Gav Lawson and their friend, Dan Sodergren, [1] [3] then set up their business in Bristol and London. [4]

Company history

In 2008, Jeremy Smith, editor of The Ecologist said that when he started at the magazine in 2001, the general idea of ​​fashionable clothing was also environmentally friendly “laughable,” but that the lawson brothers had proved this wrong. He was quoted as saying: “While everyone else was in the process of being ill-fitting and uncomplicated that they would not make it into a Littlewoods catalog, they were – years before anyone else that I knew of – actually responding to what the young people with Whom They REMAIN connected so wanted to be seen wearing. Now of course every Kate , Sienna and Lilywants to be seen in green, but it is always better than that. ” [5]

In addition to hemp, THTC clothing uses bamboo and organic cotton . [6]

The firm networked widely with DJs, MCs, musicians and celebrities, to build up their business. In 2006 they were shortlisted for The Observer ‘ s Annual Ethical Fashion Awards, which was awarded to Woody Harrelson , who was on the judging panel. [1] By 2008 They HAD Produced Goods for the bands Beardyman , Morcheeba and Braintax , widening customer reach and Their Increasing awareness of sustainable design. [6] By 2011, the company had an annual turnover of £ 100,000 and a London-based team of nine staff, and their clothing had been worn by people as diverse as Benjamin ZephaniahThe American rap group De La Soul , and the actor Brad Pitt . [3]

In 2012 THTC collaborated with the Soil Association , Carbon Trust and Fair Wear Foundation to Produce a line of shirts made from 100% organic, hand-harvested cotton, SPECIFICALLY Produced using wind power and Stated to-have a carbon footprint That Was 90% smaller than that of more typically produced equivalents. [7] Some of the earliest THTC designs were explicitly political, such as a slogan reading ” George Bush & son , family butchers (est.1989)” [2] This combination of political activism, urban music, and street artThe Mau Mau, a graffiti artist, is central to the brand . [1] [7]

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