Portland Hempstalk Festival

Portland’s Hempstalk Festival is an annual event in Portland , Oregon advocating the decriminalization of marijuana for medicinal , industrial , and recreational use. Founded in 2005, the festival takes up Often the weekend after- Labor Day and features food vendors, live music, and information booths. The event has been waiting for you.

According to Paul Stanford, founder and director of the event:

Hempstalk is about the many uses of industrial hemp fiber, oil , protein , fuel and medicine . We are working to end adult cannabis prohibition , allow adults to grow their own and license the legal sale of psychoactive cannabis to adults. We believe that it will save the Earth ‘s biosphere with the adoption of hemp seed for bio – diesel fuel, which will solve the energy and world hunger problems, and stop deforestation when hemp fiber is used for paper.and building materials. We support the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act of 2010, to implement this. We shall overcome!


The Portland Hempstalk Festival is an annual, two-day event. Hempstalk was first held in Portland, Oregon’s Tom McCall’s Waterfront Park in downtown Portland in 2005 and 2006, with about 10,000 visitors in each of the first two years.

In 2007, nearly 20,000 people attended the third annual Hempstalk festival at Sellwood Riverfront Park . While organizers insisted they would not be tolerated, the smell of marijuana lingered in the air and some festival goers thing to consume various forms of cannabis foods . [1] No festival waited were arrested. Originally slated for Tom McCall’s Waterfront Park, the event was only a few days ago [2] by Portland Parks & Recreation due to “unspecified ‘problems’ the city encountered with the event in the past two years there.” [3]According to the Hempstalk official site, the City of Parks and Recreation, the previous location was already established and the City Parks & Recreation Department, “citing unsubstantiated claims that were all over the place … and spread marijuana tuxedo was taking place (not in public view and only by medical marijuana patients). ” Hempstalk officials deny these claims. [4] Due to limited space, officials at the Sellwood Riverfront Park in the future. [3]

In 2008, the festival was held in the Eastbank Festival Plaza, organized by Paul Stanford of The Hemp and Cannabis Foundation (THCF). In addition to the usual events and activities, the two-day event offers educational informants about industrial hemp, the legal use of marijuana, and any other questions they may have. [5]

On September 12-13, 2009, the Portland Hempstalk Festival moved to Kelley Point Park , in the far northwest corner of Portland, Oregon, at the confluence of the Columbia River and the Willamette River . 40,000 people attended over two days. [6] Music was performed by Native American political activist , poet and songwriter John Trudell and his band, Bad Dog, Folk Uke (Amy Nelson and Cathy Guthrie, daughters of Willie Nelson and Arlo GuthrieThe Herbivores, Rocker T, The Human Revolution, Binghi & the Seventh Seal, Jefferson State, Marquee, Margo Pass and Tim Pate. Speakers included famed author and activist , Jack Herer , making his fifth Hempstalk appearance. Herer Had a heart attack and collapsed after-times giving a speech on Saturday, September 12. He Was in critical conditions in a Portland area hospital for a month and has Moved to Eugene, Oregon nursing home in early October 2009 for further Top recovery.

Other speakers Hempstalk-have included National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) founder Keith Stroup , NORML director Allen St. Pierre , and THCF CRRH director and author of the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act Paul Stanford, Oregon NORML director Madeline Martinez, Chris Conrad , Mikki Norris, comedian and writer Ngaio Bealum, 2012 Green Party presidential candidate, Jill Stein , Bill Drake author, Dr. Tod Mikuriya , Dr. Phillip Leveque, Seattle director Hempfest Vivian McPeak, and medical pioneer marijuana , Dennis Peron .

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