Scheitholz is a German term for log sections that have been split length with an axis or log splitter and that are primarily used for firewood or the manufacture of wood shingles . The individual pieces of timber are called Holzscheite (obs .: Holzscheiter ), derived from the Old High German word scit = “piece”.

Scheitholz boilers are used to burn quantities of Scheithölzer . The term“auf Scheitholz knien ” ( “to kneel there scheitholz ) Was a disciplinary measure used in times WhenCorporal punishment in schools was still permitted. [1]

Very thinly split timber is also called Spanholz or Span , roughly the same as a long-fibred wood chips or wood shavings , which may also be a waste by-product of the planning or hewing wood processes . Span may also refer, however, to long-fibred slips or slices of wood especially of poplar and other softwoods, which are used to make wooden punnets and fruit or vegetable crates.

See also

  • Klafter , an old unit of length or volume for Scheitholz
  • Fidibus , a firelighter
  • Spanbaum


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