Steve Allin

Steve Allin (born 1955) is an author, teacher and pioneer in the use of hemp in building and director of the International Hemp Building Association . [1]

Allin started using hemp and lime in a natural construction material in 1997 which was published in 2005, [2] The first published book on hemp as a building system. He has contributed to the Green Building Bible and Local Sustainable Homes and has written articles for self-build magazines, [3] Cannabis Culture , [4] Construct Ireland, Energy Blitz, [5] Hanf and New Observations Magazine. He founded the International Hemp Building Association in 2009, after hosting a symposium on the subject in Kenmare , Ireland.

He advocates the use of construction and low carbon footprint as both a material and the subsequent use of energy and sustainable development [6] and has stated.

Across the world communities and political leaders are grappling with the major issues of economy, employment and other changing conditions … So what are we all going to do about it? Kick the can down the road another piece? … An industrial crop is being identified as being able to provide many of the solutions to these aspects of our society. What are these people talking about? Of course we are talking about an annual crop that can be grown in just about every country on the planet and probably has been.

-  Steve Allin, Can Hemp Really Be The Answer? , New Observations Art & Culture, 2017

Allin introduced to the US after holding a race in Prescott, WI in 2012. [7] [8] In 2013 he introduced the system to Finland when he held a race in Turku [9] and then in Sweden in Kristianstad. [10] He also introduced to Nepal in 2015, teaching a workshop in Flamingo, Guanacaste. [11] He is currently involved in post-earthquake areas of Haiti and Nepal [12] and is a senior adviser at HempToday magazine. [13]


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