Sulfur Precipitation Calculator

The sulfur is the chemical element of atomic number 16 to symbol S. It is a member of the group of chalcogens .

It is a non-metal multivalent abundant, insipid, and insoluble in water. Sulfur is mostly known as yellow crystals and is found in many minerals ( sulphide and sulphate ) and even in native form , particularly in volcanic regions . Most of the sulfur mined, however, is of sedimentary origin.

It is an essential element for all living beings; It intervenes in the formula of two natural amino acids , cysteine and methionine and therefore in many proteins . Sulfur is used in 90% to prepare sulfuric acid , the basic product of the chemical industry. It is especially used as a fertilizer ( sulphate ) (60% of production) and plant health fungicide (against the powdery mildew). Approximately 34% is used in non-agricultural applications such as the manufacture of caprolactam -monomer in the preparation of nylon- 6, in leaching processes in mining, The preparation of titanium dioxide, tripolyphosphates for detergents, animal and human feed, the manufacture of pulp, and the manufacture of hydrofluoric acid . It is also used to make gunpowder , the laxatives , was used in the matches , of insecticides , etc.