Tetraselmis chui

Tetraselmis is a marine unicellular algae.

External links

  • aem.asm.org Gene and expression of an analogue of proliferating cell nuclear antigen ( PCNA ) in the alga Tetraselmis and detection of the anti-rat PCNA monoclonal antibody (pdf)
  • Chung, CC; Hwang, SP; Chang, J (2003). “Identification of a High-Affinity Phosphate Transporter Gene in a Prasinophyte Alga, Tetraselmis chui, and Its Expression under Nutrient Limitation” . Applied and Environmental Microbiology . 69 (2): 754-759. doi : 10.1128 / AEM.69.2.754-759.2003 . PMC  143611  . PMID  12570992 .
  • www.epopt.de An assessment of the nutritional quality and nutrient uptake of Tetraselmis (pdf)