Wood briquette

Wood briquettes are made of dry, untreated wood chips (eg wood shavings). They are pressed with high pressure without any binder . By compacting the wood with this high pressure, it turns into a fuel like brown coal .


One advantage of wood briquettes is that they have a lower ash and sulfur content, compared to fossil fuels . The carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) balance is even, Because wood briquettes release just as much CO 2 to the atmosphere as the trees used for Their Production ounce absorbed through growth by photosynthesis . In addition, briquettes have a much higher energy content.

Energy content

The low moisture content of about 10% leads to an energy content of around 5.0 kWh per kg depending on the type of wood. Green firelogs have a water content of around 50% with 2.5 kWh / kg energy content. quote needed ]